Ski-Doo – Edge Goggles

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Product Code: 448724
  • The Edge Goggle is a premium snowmobile goggle that provides superior visual clarity by letting riders quickly adapt to changing light conditions. Chromed and low-light lens are included and can be swapped in and out in a matter of moments. The frameless design allows for an extra wide field of view and exceptional helmet fit. This goggle's dual-pane, anti-fog lenses are treated to repel water to ensure snow and moisture don't interfere with your ability to see what's in your path. The removable nose piece protects your skin where many lightweight balaclavas often fail. The included drawstring storage bag is soft and absorbent, allowing it to double as a cleaning cloth.

  • • Features Injection-molded PC cylindrical lens.
    • Anti-scrtach, anti-fog performance while provides distortion free vision and
    enhanced impact resistance.
    • Thermo-formed 3 layers face foam offers best fitting.
    • No-slip silicone strap keeps goggles in place.
    • Removable nose guard for extra deflection against roost and debris.
    • Bonus lens included: A vibrant lens tint with light silver mirror that increase
    visual acuity in extremely flat and low light conditions.