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Product Code: B-2010
  • Discover the ROLLERSKI: the revolutionary self-retracting wheel system that will transform your snowmobile experience this winter when traveling on non-snowy surfaces.


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    The advantages of ROLLERSKI:

    Safe handling: Enjoy safe driving on snow-free surfaces, such as gas stations, garage, trailer, parking lots, etc.
    Reduced wear: Preserve your runners and skis with the Rollerski.
    Simple activation: To activate the Rollerski, simply deploy the wheels by pushing backwards using your foot.
    Self-retracting: The Rollerski wheels deactivate automatically on contact with snow.
    Simple Installation: Designed specifically for each ski, installation is simple and no specialized tools are required.

    The set includes 2 Rollerskis (1 right and 1 left) and hardware.

    Designed and manufactured in Quebec

    Designed and manufactured in Quebec, the Rollerski combines design and innovation. The Rollerski is definitely a must-have for any snowmobile user. The Rollerski is a self-retracting wheel system that will completely change your snowmobile experience this winter when traveling off-trail. The Rollerski was designed above all to make your life easier. In addition to setting up in just 30 minutes, it allows you to fully enjoy your ride without interruption! In fact, we designed Rollerski wheels so that they are automatically retractable! In just a few seconds, deploy the wheels with your foot and voila!

    Accessory for Polaris, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo and Yamaha snowmobiles

    Our retractable wheel system is compatible with Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat and Yamaha snowmobiles, making it a universal accessory! In addition, whether you are moving to the gas station, on the shoulder, on the road or removing your snowmobile from the trailer, have no fear because the Rollerski wheel system offers exceptional durability. . This is not an ordinary wheel system, on the contrary! Thanks to our ingenious design, the Rollerski is resistant to rust and frost in addition to offering incomparable resistance to harsh winter conditions. The biggest advantage compared to the competition is that the Rollerski is fixed on the axle. The weight of the snowmobile is therefore centralized on the RollerSki and therefore makes it possible to avoid overloading as well as any deformation of the skis, runners, studs and carbides.

    Characteristics of Rollerski
    Offers safe handling of the snowmobile on non-snowy surfaces (garage, trailer, gas station, parking lot, etc.)
    Does not mark surfaces
    Activates easily
    Automatically deactivates upon contact with snow
    The weight of the snowmobile is centralized on the rollerski, which avoids overloading and deformation of the skis and carbide runners.
    Durable product with the possibility of replacing all components (repairable)
    Significantly reduces wear on runners and skis
    Simple installation without specialist tools
    Frost resistant
    No welding
    Attaches via axle
    Top quality, versatile product
    Equipped with rust-protected components
    This product is covered by a limited warranty.