Lifejacket/VFI Airflow Sunset Edition


Product Code: 287011
  • The breathtaking sunsets on the lake are even more beautiful when you wear this flotation jacket. The environmentally friendly Sea-Doo Airflow Sunset Edition lifejacket has been designed to ensure breathability and ease of movement. The Air Flow system with EVA molding prevents it from sticking to your skin, while the mesh panel evacuates excess water and dries quickly. The widely cut armholes and extendable side panels make it easy to throw a line or paddle on a boat, among other water activities. Add to that an ecoprene material and a 100% PVC-free Gaia foam interior construction and you get the Coast Guard approved flotation vest you were looking for.

    • Eco-friendly material made of rubber-free ecoprene, flexible, lightweight, breathable and quick-drying.
    • Inside the jacket in Gaia foam, an eco-friendly construction material without PVC.
    • AIRFLOW SYSTEM: Molded EVA inner panel moves jacket away from skin surface.
    • BUILT-IN LUMBAR COMFORT ZONE: Extra foam pad that reduces pressure on the lower back to provide better support.
    • MESH PANEL: Draining panel that quickly evacuates excess water for quick drying and superior comfort.
    • Comfortable fit.
    • Zip fastening YKK.
    • Side panels in stretch fabric for optimal comfort.
    • Large armholes offer more comfort.
    • Back ring to attach the glasses to the jacket.
    • D-ring to attach the key safety cord.
    • Coast Guard approved
    • Shell: 100% polyester
    • Insulation: 100% Gaia foam