MOBILE WARMING Premium 2.0 Heating Socks


Product Code: 38119
  • Description

    The Mobile Warming Premium 2.0 M men's heated socks are designed to protect you from cold weather and are perfect for outdoor activities and winter sports.They are powered by a rechargeable battery that can provide up to 10 hours of heat. Their merino wool blend wicks moisture and resists odour for all-day comfort, while heating elements are slim and unnoticed thanks to thick padding in key areas.

    50% merino wool
    Low to calf height
    Designed for left or right foot
    Comfortable on the toes
    Thick padding in key areas
    Arch support
    Reinforcements at the heel and toe
    Anti-slip layer
    Heat distributed under the toes
    Bluetooth battery fits the shape of the stockings
    Up to 10 hours of heat
    50% merino wool, 4% nylon, 20% acrylic, 16% elastic fabric
    Moisture-wicking SweatsheerTM technology
    OdorsheerTM antimicrobial technology
    ZapsheerTM anti-static technology
    Sizes: M (fits men's sizes 7-9), L (fits men's sizes 10-12), and XL (fits men's sizes 13-15)